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Basic variant with inner seal

for buildings with a basement

MSH PolySafe GV2

Article no.: 1560000002

This product is DVGW-certified. The valid construction sample inspection certificate from DVGW CERT GmbH can be found in Downloads.
  • Testable reliability in double/element walls due to built-in leakage test facility
  • Reliable installation due to front panel with integrated spirit level
  • Visual installation reliability due to built-in inspection opening
Gastight and watertight building entry for gas, water, power and telecommunications services. Basic variant 2 with internal sealing of 60 mm sealing width for installation in core drill holes in double/element walls. The relevant external sealing elements are available for different wall types and building damp-proofing types.


Application range:

  • DIN 18533 W1.1-E, DIN 18533 W1.2-E, DIN 18533 W2.1-E
  • Waterproof concrete stress class 1, Waterproof concrete stress class 2


  • Seals all supply lines through one entry
  • Continuous duct connection up to the main supply lines at the edge of the property possible
  • Modular system provides the appropriate external sealing depending on load class, construction type and wall structure

Scope of delivery:

  • Front panel in internal sealing
  • 4 x sleeve pipes
  • Test valve (pre-assembled)
  • Movable spirit level (pre-assembled)
  • 8 x self-tapping screws M8x45 and washers for sealing services


  • Sealing width: 60 mm
  • Compatible with core drill ID: 199 mm - 203 mm
  • Maximum wall thickness: 500 mm (special lengths on request)


  • To be supplemented with section sealing elements and one or more external sealing elements (depending on wall type and structure)
  • In combination with Module 6 or Module 6.2 (external sealing element with 90 mm sealing surface with or without outer flange) creates a testable variant for use in double/element walls
  • Can be optionally combined with connection elements and empty pipe system


  • Inner seal: Fibre-glass reinforced polyamide/EPDM
  • Sleeve pipes: PVC
  • Screws: stainless steel V2A (AISI 304L)


  • Gastight and watertight to 1 bar


  • DVGW VP 601