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Always. Reliable. Experienced.

The nationwide expert installation service

VARIO-TEC Dichtungszentrum
Available across Germany, the VARIO-TEC installation service is our expert partner when it comes to providing assistance on the construction site. Qualified installation teams support you with your gastight and watertight building entries. The seal centre in Berlin receives your enquiries and coordinates deployments throughout the country.

Our service partner has many years of experience in the professional installation of all Hauff products on site. VARIO-TEC takes care of the planning, supply, installation, renovation, consultation and development of custom solutions.


Sealing centre Berlin
Inh. C. Ueberdick
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str. 68
12247 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 766877-60
Fax: +49 30 766877-70

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Our Hauff service partner will solve any of your specific cable/pipe entry problems quickly, expertly and reliably. VARIO-TEC is a nationwide specialist construction company and is an expert in dealing with and finding solutions to construction site challenges. As a result, we can guarantee a smooth working relationship with the companies carrying out the work on your projects. VARIO-TEC receives ongoing training from us and must complete a test every year to renew its qualification. Our service partner has a copy of this certificate, which you can ask to see at any time.

Your Hauff service partner: quick, reliable, capable. And close at hand.