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Double wall insert

for setting in concrete

HSI90 K2/X

  • 3-ribbed seal is sprayed on to create pressure-tight seal with concrete
For the gastight and watertight connection on both sides of system covers for cables and cable ducts and maximum flexibility for subsequent use.


Application range:

  • Waterproof concrete stress class 1, Waterproof concrete stress class 2


  • System seal can be connected on both sides (e.g. cable duct connection and cable seal)
  • Packages can be created with frame connection system, delivery ex works

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 pressure-tight closing covers


  • Frame dimensions: 145x 145 mm (per wall insert)
  • Centre distance: 135 mm
  • Minimum wall thickness: 100 mm


  • Wall insert: ABS with TPE 3-ribbed seal
  • Adapter pipe: PVC
  • Closing cover: ABS with EPDM seal


  • Gastight and watertight to 2.0 bar

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Data sheet & tender specification

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Wall thickness (mm)Order ref.Article no.
100HSI90 1x1 K2/1003030304960
110HSI90 1x1 K2/1103030318961
120HSI90 1x1 K2/1203030309799
130HSI90 1x1 K2/1303030309801
140HSI90 1x1 K2/1403030303704
150HSI90 1x1 K2/1503030475595
200HSI90 1x1 K2/2003030440556
240HSI90 1x1 K2/240 3030449822
250HSI90 1x1 K2/2503030440663


Wall thickness (X):mm100-500
For double walls/element walls:
Block assembly:
Rows on top of one another (Y):1-10
Rows next to one another (Z):1-10

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