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System cover

with sleeve method for corrugated cable ducts

HSI150 MA... WR

  • Mechanical fixing (bayonet) and seal (clamping nut) act independently
  • Bayonet system with return lock and locking screw connection (for protection against automatic opening)
  • Patented ring clip method
For use in wall insert and plastic flange HSI 150. For connecting corrugated cable ducts. The seal is created with the sleeve method, with a rubber sleeve being clamped onto both the system cover and the duct with clamping straps. Ring clips are also required for the corrugated pipe connection (to stabilise the cable duct).



  • Mechanically stable, elastic connection with system sleeve

Scope of delivery:

  • incl. sleeve with clamping straps
  • incl. ring clips


  • For the duct connection Da=160 mm, we recommend using the spacer HSI AH40 to extend the centre distance when installing multiple HSI150 wall inserts.


  • System cover: polycarbonate
  • Clamping nut: PC/PBT blend
  • Sleeve: EPDM
  • Clamping straps: W4
  • Ring clips: stainless steel


  • Gastight and watertight to 0.5 bar

Installation instructions

Test reports

Data sheet & tender specification

For download of data sheet and tender specification please configurate the product in the section below and download via the symbol


When placing your order, please ensure that you specify the pipe manufacturer and type. An additional 2 x profile sleeves from the corrugated pipe manufacturer are required for each pipe connection.

Pipe ODPipe manufacturerPipe typeOrder ref.Article no.GTIN
110FränkischeKabuflexHSI150 MA110 WR21260101134052487124980
125FränkischeKabuflexHSI150 MA125 WR21260100074052487124973
160FränkischeKabuflexHSI150 MA168 WR21260100014052487058308